Monday, October 8, 2012

What Have you Conquered? #ConquerWithKhan

Genghis Grill is a build your own stir fry restaurant, where you can choose from 80 fresh ingredients, and watch as the grill masters cook it to order. I have to say, this is one of my families favorites since there are so many options and everything is always grilled perfectly.

Genghis Grill is celebrating the opening of their 100th store this month!

What better way to celebrate than with a photo contest?

Genghis Grill wants to know what you've conquered today. Upload a photo of something you've achieved with the hashtag #ConquerWithKhan to their Facebook , Twitter or post an Instagram photo! It can be anything, from finishing a book, jogging a long trail or making an A on a school paper.

Winners will be chosen daily and a grand prize winner will be chosen on November 9th!

So get out there and get conquering!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I'm a crappy mom

There was some snark on Life With Levi's Facebook page when people ignored the message of an anti-mommy war photo and well... turned it into drama.  Thanks to the snark, its led to Jen from LWL to start a "Why Im a crappy mom" link up and now over 100 women have listed what they do oh so wrong. Here's my list.

Why I'm a crappy mom:

  • I cloth diaper KP, though we've used sposies many a time
  • I nursed for 4 months exclusively, then added formula when needed and then thanks to being ill I stopped nursing completely at 7 months
  • For the first year we co-slept
  • Some nights, she slept in a bouncer just so I could have time to myself.
  • Ok, sometimes she still sleeps with us
  • I kiss her boo-boos
  • I hug her and tell her I love her every day. Many times a day, actually.
  • I vaccinate
  • Somedays we never change out of our PJ's
  • I think soy is good occasionally and she L-O-V-E-S it.
  • I let her watch tv - Sesame St, Mickey Mouse and Friends.
  • Until recently, she had a bottle at night.
  • She's rear-facing
  • I let her wear her uncle's hand-me-downs
  • I let her have "girl" toys and "boy" toys
  • I let her stand/walk around and eat.
  • I encourage her to dance, and be silly
  • She gets occasional oreos, sprite or sips of a slurpee.
  • At night, I think about the day and wonder what I can do better tomorrow because Im sure I've done something to screw her up.
I truly don't understand what causes mommy wars. As adults we should all understand that while we're passionate about our choices and why we believe they're right for our families, we should also be able to understand that they may not be right for another. Even in groups that claim not to judge, there are still mommy wars. After years of staring at my screen and watching these bitchfests go down and asking what is wrong with people I've learned to just step away if I cant respond calmly.

I encourage everyone when they feel the need to "educate" some misinformed, brainwashed person (seriously, I was called that) to do the following:

1. Open a word document, blogger, wordpress, notepad, whatever... you get the idea
2. Type out every angry feeling you have, seriously just let go and write
3. Read it and think about how you'd feel if someone said that to you.
4. Select all
5. Hit delete.

And that is my rage calming routine.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The house

Its really sad to see the house where so many of your best memories are turned into rubble.

Its gone.


No one new will ever know of the great people (and some not so great) who stepped through that door.

Im sure people would think im talking about my childhood, but im not. Im talking about my husband's fraternity house.

  I met him there. I met most of my friends there. I lived there pretty much since it was close to the dorm.  The parties. The late night study sessions. The sitting around and talking on Sundays about everything imaginable. The charity. The friendship.

The house was never in good shape and with lessening numbers member wise i understand why they had to do it.

Its just still... heartbreaking. 

Im thankful ill always have tons of pictures of the house to remind me of the stories that happened there and im hopeful theyll build anew and grow greater.

Monday, August 6, 2012


So again, slacking on posts but this time it's because KP has been sick. Well, she has a infection that isn't slowing her down one bit thank goodness but it has slowed me down. Thanks to the infection I had to put her in sposies, no big deal. I DID have to bleach every single diaper she has. 3 days. It took 3 days to wash, bleach and dry it all and then I had to get caught up with everything else.
I'm thankful her infection hasn't been serious and I was paying attention to take her to the Dr.
The past week or so she's also been saying more sentences. It's crazy to me that my "baby" is talking so much. "No mommy, no!" or today after she found a pair of socks "hey socks, come on socks."

Being pre-occupied by a kid going stir-crazy since it's too hot to play outside and we can't put her in the pool (the only tolerable outside activity in this heat) since all her swim dipes are cloth and I don't want to bleach them too much thanks to the infection - we haven't done much of anything.

I finished Hunger Games and am desperately trying to find a new series to interest me but have failed so far. I DID start working out though. It's kicking my butt though, but I feel a lot better. I have to admit, I took the weekend off and drank wine and ate fudge. Because sometimes you just NEED that. Or at least I do.

We're also looking at houses again. We found a layout that I'm in love with, which has never happened before. I need for there to be outside space for KP to run around like a toddler should and I'm not sure if this house has it. It does have indoor space though - four bedrooms, large living room, and kitchen. I'm also unsure of leaving our cute little town... even though the new town is only about 11 miles away, if that. I'm too picky.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu 7/29

So, I've been slacking on posting menus. Oh well, I suppose. I'm still going through the vegan cookbooks and we're also going through a "I want this before we go vegan" deal.


Steel cut oats

Tortilla chips
Cat Cookies (for people) Yay, Trader Joes!


Stir fry with rice
fried rice with tofu
bok choy with rice
cheese wontons and stir fried napa cabbage
mashed potatoes with spinach served with roasted mushrooms
Pizza with white sauce, carrots and broccoli
Pasta with pesto

Backup meals:
Refried beans
Miso Soup
Black beans n rice

This week for Bountiful Baskets we got the Asian food add-on pack. I'm a bad person and had to google what was what but it made meal planning super simple. B commented that it didn't look like much for the price but it actually worked out perfectly. After going over the shopping list, I only have maybe, 13 items to get and thats including stocking up on art supplies for KP. Huzzah!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Book worm

Honestly, this week has been what I'm sure some would call dull - housework, sleep, grocery shopping. I've been trying to get our vegan "rules" together but I've been distracted by books.

Since KP and I signed up for the summer reading program, I've become addicted to reading The Hunger Games series. During her naps and after shes down for the night, I'm up for hours reading. I haven't really read for pleasure since... before she was born. It's awful, I know. I've always loved reading but college and then work interfered with that. I could barely stay awake to eat dinner, no less read.

 I 'm so captivated by these books, I'm not going to know what to do when I finish Mockingjay. I need to admit, I know how it ends already thanks to my impatience and google. Knowing how it ends is making me want to read more - are they happy? What about the other main character? How did they decide who to choose? Ahhhh. And I can.not.wait. for the movies. Hunger games DVD in 3 weeks. Catching fire release date? November 2013. What the eff, y'all? What the eff. Sigh...

By the time I had turned in our one week reading logs I had read to KP for 310 minutes and I had read a total of 790 minutes. Among the prizes she got a bendable cow and giraffe, a free cookie and entry into a prize pack. I got a pen, some flashcards for KP and some crafting stuff and a free taco from a local chain. They also had tape in the prize drawer. At first I thought "thats a prize?" Now, I realize I actually need tape like that. The joys of adulthood, I suppose. If only I could take a bouncy ball from the kid prizes.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vegan stuffs

Ah poor neglected blog, im sorry. I started this post in July! Ugh.

Well, we're still vegetarian. Ive found reasonable sources for everything we need except plant milks.
The only plant milks I can find have an unnecessary additive that im not okay with.

So now im wondering if my google-fu is failing me on finding additive free, reasonably priced milk OR im going to need to learn how to make it myself.

I have no problem with taking the time to do it, its just that our kitchen is so tiny. Like cant fit two people comfortably tiny.

It feels like forever since i blogged so i cant remember if i mentioned that i found overstock daiya and gardein products for cheaaaaap! The gardein was gone in days thanks to the ravenous toddler.

Daiya on the other hand im hoarding in the freezer. I made grilled cheese with a bit and i cant believe how gooey it is! Kp scraped it off the bread and just ate thr cheese. B had the spicy havarti and really enjoyed it, too.

We also got our first vegan cookbook, Vegan Crunk. Ive read Bianca for years, and she was super nice about answering vegan questions for me via email. I seriously want to make everything in her book. Memories of my toddler years came flooding back when i saw her white trash pineapple salad.  Im going to be sitting down and going over the book thoroughly to see whats going on the menu this week.

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