Monday, May 28, 2012

#MMM - Heat

Yesterday we went to a nearby lake with some friends. Since we didn't learn about going until noon, we didn't really prepare properly. Ok, even if we had known a week in advance, we still wouldn't have been prepared. We didn't bring KP's float for the lake, enough water, chairs, snacks or toys. Despite all that and the heat, we had a great time! And we know what we need to do/bring for next time. KP was unsure of the water until she dunked herself (which scared both B and I and he grabbed her real quick since he was right behind her) and then she LOVED the water. I think he had to pretty much had to drag that child out of the water to eat dinner.

It's still so weird to me having things to do nearby that are either free or super cheap. In Memphis it was at least a 2 hour drive to get to the nearest lake/river. We're talking about going back to the lake we visited yesterday and camping but I'm unsure how KP will do with that one. We'd have to take the fur-baby, too so it could prove interesting. Maybe renting a cabin would be good? I don't think I can take Texas' lack of humidity in a tent overnight 'cause I'm a wuss.

                                                 Isn't that just awesome?!

In other news, we've had to go into toddler safety mode locking down everything. Cabinet and drawer locks, corner bumpers which B bolted to the entertainment center and a door lock. KP isn't even 2 and has learned how to unlock the front door an escape. Luckily the one time she escaped B was outside grilling but it's still scary. She's already learned what she's suppose to do to unlock the child lock but doesn't have the dexterity, thank goodness. Hopefully she won't unlock it until we can get through to her not to try and get out. It's making me feel like I'm in a prison but after her nearly poking her eye out (reason for corner bumpers) and standing on her toes to find scissors in a drawer and the escape attempt... I don't know what else to do. Everytime she does something like that we talk to her but it's not "clicking" yet.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get through to a toddler about safety?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shaklee Review

I posted on Facebook that I was looking for some good supplements for KP and some ladies (who are distributors) suggested Shaklee. One offered the chance to particpate in her "Learn and Earn" program where I listen to recordings, make notes and then send her my notes in return for product credit.

Shaklee has been around for over 50 years and offers eco-friendly products, at great prices, that are thoroughly tested. They were also the first company to obtain Climate Neutral certification which means they offset all their CO2 emmissions leaving net zero impact on the enviornment. What really sold me on the company is that if a product or component doesn't meet their standards, they will throw it out and stop production until it does meet their standards. They also don't use GMO's in their products which is important for well, everybody but especially people who use a good deal of soy products like me.

 After listening to the recordings I was really excited to try the products. Since I did this during May, I was able to take up their current promotion of free membership (normally $19.95). The bonuses to being a member are pretty nice - discounts on purchases on all Shaklee products, access to a health information library as well as a referral program. If someone purchases using your link, you earn credit.

I bought Basic H2, Incredivites multi-mineral/vitamin for kids and Dish washer concentrate.

I can't say much about the Incredivites since I'm not the one taking them and it's difficult to ask a 1-year-old her opinion but I can say she loves taking them. In the morning she asks for one and then says "MMMMM!" So at the very least, they taste great. The vitamins are a tad pricy BUT I feel that I can trust the quality of the product due to the safety testing and the bigger price tag is worth that to me when it comes to KP.

For years I had been using vinegar/water to clean since it was the cheapest eco product I could find. Basic H2 beats that though - not only with cleaning power but also economically. That 16 oz bottle makes 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaner! The ratio of basic h2 to water varies on what type of cleaner you need but it's still not a lot, sometimes only needing one or two drops.

  A few things that we've used it for: diaper wipe solution, all-purpose, floor cleaner, de-greaser, pen marks on walls and furniture, spaghetti stains and dog vomit on carpet, fruit/veg wash, rust stains on the counter and soaking dishes that have to be hand-washed.
 Last night I felt so impressed with Basic h2 that I cleaned out our cleaning supplies since I believe it can take over the job of most things. The one thing that it hasn't worked on so far is getting crayon off the wall. I'm pretty impressed with it and plan on sticking with it instead of using vinegar.

Since we live in an apartment, we always have the cheap, tiny, barely works dishwashers and it sucks. Trying to find something that works is hard (at least for me). The dishwasher detergent said that you don't need to pre-rinse when using it. So I gave it a try and it worked! Sparkly clean dishes without pre-rinsing. The package says for normal water to use 2 tsp of detergent and 4 for tsp for hard water. I experimented though and can use between 2 and 3 and get great results even with the awfully hard water North Texas has. The only time I have an issue is when I over-load the dishwasher, so my bad.
We wash at least 2 loads of dishes a day and I barely feel like I've made a dent in the 2 pound bag.

So, I guess in short, I freakin' love Shaklee so far. My dishes are clean, my house is clean and I'm excited to try out new products. The one downside though is shipping. I suggest if anyone does order to stock up or order with a friend to cut the cost. My shipping for these 3 products, which was around 5 pounds was around $9. The shipping was fast though and i didn't have to leave the house to go shopping, so it's kind of a fair trade in my mind.

If anyone is interested in learning more about Shaklee you can use my member referral link here. If you use my link and decide to purchase something I'll receive product credit. If you'd prefer to go to the regular Shaklee site it is located here.

Shaklee/Shaklee independent distributors did not in anyway solicit this review. All opinions are mine. I participated in a class to earn credit and paid for the rest of the products myself.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eye don't know about this

I don't think Texas agrees with me which is a shame since I love it so. Since our move I've had multiple eye injuries (always my right eye, too!) . Most have been from KP flailing and accidentially scratching me. Ever gone to an optometrist which an eye swollen shut and bruised looking and having to explain that your toddler did it and that you weren't beaten? No? Maybe it's just me then.
I woke up today with yet another eye injury but have no idea how it happened. I really don't want to go to the dr for my eye gunk. I freak out whenever anything comes near my eyes. It's kinda like Rachel from Friends. Lots of flailing.

Another reason I don't think Texas likes me? I can't figure out how to get my CD's clean. Stupid hard water. I want my simple, fool-proof (for Memphis water) routine back. I don't want to switch back to a store brand detergent. (whine, whine whine)

I DID learn one thing about our local library's summer reading program though: They have an adult version, too! Huzzah! I haven't read for pleasure in a year so this may help kick my butt into gear. I miss reading but after putting KP to bed, and cleaning; I simply want to pass out. I'm super excited about looking into this more. I loved that program as a kid and I think I'll sign KP up, too. We read for an hour or so at night already so it should be easy.

I've also been looking into houses to buy. We're not financially ready to do so but a girl can dream, right? I can't wait to have a large yard and some chickens - It seems nearly everyone here has chickens and I'm jealous. Right now we're in a apartment that is too small and we have too much stuff. I refuse to buy things to decorate since it's not "ours" and the same goes with organizational things since when we have a house, that stuff may not work. A kitchen is my big thing, though. A kitchen where it won't be crowded if B decides to get a drink while I'm cooking (or vice versa).  ::sigh::

ETA: I figured out how to get the code to work! Finally. Well, I feel like an idiot now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make friends

I've never been good at making friends. Any friends i have, i sort of stumbled into. For some reason, they like and deal with my special brand of crazy.

In elementary school my friends were the other two kids bullied by well, everyone. Everyone pretty much hated us. We werent rich, didnt dress in name brands and didn't kiss ass. Hell, even my teachers hated me. Ahhhh the joys of a small private school.

Then i was home schooled as were my two friends, we added two more people to our circle. Woo! Strength in numbers. Or something like that.  People still hated us. At graduation everyone avoided us like the plague.

Freshman year in college was really the only time it was easy to make friends. I even met B then. I'm not sure HOW I managed to make friends then. That was eight friggin years ago and I'm still baffled.

Now we're eight hours from our closest friends.  How am i suppose to make friends? I have no idea how to get anywhere here, I see people at the park or here at our apartment complex and I'm at a complete loss as what to say to them. Even when they have kids around KP's age or they talk to me first.

Bumbling idiot? Eh... I think for now I'll just look at it as my friends in TN are just so amazing I need no one new in my life. Yep, let's stick with that.


In the effort to become healthier, B and I have been taking walks in the morning this week. B was planning on going to the gym for an hour the first day, but knowing him, I knew that would turn out bad. So KP goes in the stroller and off we go around our apartment complex.

Monday I decided it would be a good idea to do the ab ripper x portion of P90x. I'm not sure why I thought this would be an excellent idea, but I thought "hey, I'll take it easy and it won't be bad!" Wrong. Wrong on so many levels. That night and every day since.... paaaaaaiiiin. I'm sure that makes me a wimp and I'm fine with that. I've still gone on walks but nothing else. Do.Not.Want. B has been exceptionally sweet, except for laughing at me a bit the first night. He's taken over the nighttime parenting as much as he can (sometimes she just needs momma, or to take over momma's side of the bed, rather), and helping before he heads off for work.

I feel bad for KP, I know she needs to be outside and I do too but between the freakish Texas heat, lack of humidity, the freaking pollen and the the pain I'm just scraping by with activities for her inside. I try to find things for us to try during nap time but she balks at most of it.
And today.... today there was no naptime. You know the look your child gives you? The "Imma bout to fuck yo world up" look? Yeah, that. Gotta admit, it lead to extra Elmo time and then water color painting in the tub for my sanity.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Maybe I'll let her destroy the house with moonsand and the patio with paint.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Have Day!

We're attempting to teach KP how to say "Have a good day" but it turns into "Have Day", no matter what I think it's adorable.

Last week was rough. I'm so freaking tired that I seem to just be doing the bare minimum. I'm partially blaming the lack of humidity in TX and the other part? I'm staying in my PJ's for the most part since I've picked up some pounds and hate hate HATE to put on reg clothes. Starting this week B and I are exercising more and no more junk (once we run out ::cough::). I need to be fit and healthy for myself and for B and KP. I can't just lounge around all the time.

Mothers day was fantastic. I got to sleep in! Til 8am! Darn body clock not letting me sleep in more. I'm slightly jealous of B being able to sleep til noon. His body clock is on a permanent snooze it seems.
B cooked out ribs for himself and then good dogs, mushrooms and corn for me and the kidlet. We also had some guac and salsa. He humored me and we took family pics. Or attempted. Family pic? Ok. Daddy and daughter pic? Ok. Mom and daughter pic? KP screamed and thrashed and gave me the stink eye. Sounds about right.
We tried to go swimming but it was too cold so we went and got ice cream and then I had a margarita while watching Star Wars. Gotta say, so far, Star Wars is "just okay". B said he wished he could have done more for me but the day was perfect. The best part is listening to B and KP talk to each other. I don't remember anything from yesterday but today and KP said "peeas" (please) for more cheerios, I hear B say "if you keep saying please like that, I'll be wrapped around your finger forever." Makes my heart melt.

What else has been going on?
B passed his licensing test and is officially a stock broker! Huzzah! I'm insanely excited that on his days off, he can actually not do anything whereas for the past 7 weeks he still went into work to study. I feel like I need to start wearing pearls and high heels when we go out or something now... but that just wont happen.

I've also changed up our menu plans, our bountiful baskets stuff will just be for side dishes, not the main dish as I was attempting.
This week:
Eggplant parm with Quinoa
Black beans and rice
tomato soup and grilled cheese
lentil soup with sourdough bread
pasta with veg and rotel (honestly just trying to get the rotel out of my house, never will I buy that much again).

and i friggin give up on the code for Manic Mommy Monday. Im not sure why my blogger hates it but I keep getting errors." target="_blank">Manic Mommy Monday!"/>>

Monday, May 7, 2012

Exhausted and random

I feel as if I have so much to do and I focus on that and then get nothing accomplished. I'm starting to think part of it is the fact that we somehow have a never ending cycle of laundry. I have no idea how 2 adults and one kid can have about 6 loads of laundry a week as well as at least 2 loads of dishes a DAY. HOW?!

Bountiful Baskets made things challenging for me this week, too. Jicama? Beets?  Artichokes? I've never cooked with these before! What the hell is a Jicama?! I'm putting the Jicama in a salad since that's what everyone seems to do though I'm still slightly terrified of it. Artichokes are going in pasta. And the beets.... well, I'm making beet chips. Why? because I don't care if those fail since I have no interest in them. I know, I'm a bad vegetarian. I should at least be open to trying them but I just can't right now. Darn mental roadblocks.

I'm really looking forward to mothers day: BBQ! Margaritas! Swimming with B and KP! Sleep?! I don't even know which I'm more excited about. Probably the BBQ. Partially because my husband is an awesome cook who can make his own BBQ sauce but also since it will make a teeny tiny dent in the 80 or so pounds of charcoal we have on our patio and storage. I'm not sure what made us so excited over the cheap charcoal sale that we stocked up THAT much but, it'll give us an excuse to grill. Nom nom nom.

Ok, this post of randomness is over and I'll post something more sane later." target="_blank">Manic Mommy Monday!"/>>

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toddlers are insane

Why do I think toddlers are insane? Here are a few of my reasons

1. They resist sleep. How can anyone not like sleep?! Id love to take a hour or so nap each day. I understand not wanting to miss anything but sweet, sweet sleep trumps just about any activity. Granted, this may just be my sleep deprived mind.

2. This may just be my kid but, she dislikes the Muppets. Even the mana-na song... complete with my ridiculous singing and dancing to accompany it. She walks ofd, ignores it or just says "no stop it" and waves her hand at me. At least i may know a way to embarrass her when shes a teen. Thats a plus right?

3. Everything tastes better off the floor. I set food on her table for her to eat as she pleases and she wont touch it. As a test i threw some cheerios on the floor and she immediately picked them up and ate them. Ive also caught her throwing her food on the floor and eating like a dog while sharing with our dog, C. At least she can share? Score for me?

4. Elmo. Im not sure why i introduced this red furred devil into our home but all day, everyday the main thing from her mouth is "elmooooo" and it becomes more panicked the longer she doesnt seem him. In an attempt to curb this i try to distract her with something else and it usually fails unless it envolves destroying the kitchen. Even when shes watching him, its not enough. He should be on the tv, phone, computer and in a book. At night time she calls to him to help her not go to sleep. B and i caved and bought a elmo toy and she refuses to play with it. Maybe because hes not annoyingly giggling? :: sigh::  maybe she loves him because i can.not.stand him?

<i>she only gets to watch an hour long ep of sesame street during the week and 30 minutes of morning cartoons. The latter is so i can pump myself full of caffeine so that i can function.<i>

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