Wednesday, May 16, 2012


In the effort to become healthier, B and I have been taking walks in the morning this week. B was planning on going to the gym for an hour the first day, but knowing him, I knew that would turn out bad. So KP goes in the stroller and off we go around our apartment complex.

Monday I decided it would be a good idea to do the ab ripper x portion of P90x. I'm not sure why I thought this would be an excellent idea, but I thought "hey, I'll take it easy and it won't be bad!" Wrong. Wrong on so many levels. That night and every day since.... paaaaaaiiiin. I'm sure that makes me a wimp and I'm fine with that. I've still gone on walks but nothing else. Do.Not.Want. B has been exceptionally sweet, except for laughing at me a bit the first night. He's taken over the nighttime parenting as much as he can (sometimes she just needs momma, or to take over momma's side of the bed, rather), and helping before he heads off for work.

I feel bad for KP, I know she needs to be outside and I do too but between the freakish Texas heat, lack of humidity, the freaking pollen and the the pain I'm just scraping by with activities for her inside. I try to find things for us to try during nap time but she balks at most of it.
And today.... today there was no naptime. You know the look your child gives you? The "Imma bout to fuck yo world up" look? Yeah, that. Gotta admit, it lead to extra Elmo time and then water color painting in the tub for my sanity.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Maybe I'll let her destroy the house with moonsand and the patio with paint.

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