Monday, May 7, 2012

Exhausted and random

I feel as if I have so much to do and I focus on that and then get nothing accomplished. I'm starting to think part of it is the fact that we somehow have a never ending cycle of laundry. I have no idea how 2 adults and one kid can have about 6 loads of laundry a week as well as at least 2 loads of dishes a DAY. HOW?!

Bountiful Baskets made things challenging for me this week, too. Jicama? Beets?  Artichokes? I've never cooked with these before! What the hell is a Jicama?! I'm putting the Jicama in a salad since that's what everyone seems to do though I'm still slightly terrified of it. Artichokes are going in pasta. And the beets.... well, I'm making beet chips. Why? because I don't care if those fail since I have no interest in them. I know, I'm a bad vegetarian. I should at least be open to trying them but I just can't right now. Darn mental roadblocks.

I'm really looking forward to mothers day: BBQ! Margaritas! Swimming with B and KP! Sleep?! I don't even know which I'm more excited about. Probably the BBQ. Partially because my husband is an awesome cook who can make his own BBQ sauce but also since it will make a teeny tiny dent in the 80 or so pounds of charcoal we have on our patio and storage. I'm not sure what made us so excited over the cheap charcoal sale that we stocked up THAT much but, it'll give us an excuse to grill. Nom nom nom.

Ok, this post of randomness is over and I'll post something more sane later." target="_blank">Manic Mommy Monday!"/>>


  1. I am TOTALLY feeling you on the randomness!!! I'm trying to read a bunch of different blogs to see if I can muster up some inspiration for the Monday Manic-ness!!!
    As a vegetarian, what DO you BBQ?

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  3. We BBQ veggie burgers (B makes some awesome black bean burgers), corn, all sorts of veggies. My fave is a portabella mushroom - then put it on a bun with slaw and some BBQ sauce.


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