Monday, May 14, 2012

Have Day!

We're attempting to teach KP how to say "Have a good day" but it turns into "Have Day", no matter what I think it's adorable.

Last week was rough. I'm so freaking tired that I seem to just be doing the bare minimum. I'm partially blaming the lack of humidity in TX and the other part? I'm staying in my PJ's for the most part since I've picked up some pounds and hate hate HATE to put on reg clothes. Starting this week B and I are exercising more and no more junk (once we run out ::cough::). I need to be fit and healthy for myself and for B and KP. I can't just lounge around all the time.

Mothers day was fantastic. I got to sleep in! Til 8am! Darn body clock not letting me sleep in more. I'm slightly jealous of B being able to sleep til noon. His body clock is on a permanent snooze it seems.
B cooked out ribs for himself and then good dogs, mushrooms and corn for me and the kidlet. We also had some guac and salsa. He humored me and we took family pics. Or attempted. Family pic? Ok. Daddy and daughter pic? Ok. Mom and daughter pic? KP screamed and thrashed and gave me the stink eye. Sounds about right.
We tried to go swimming but it was too cold so we went and got ice cream and then I had a margarita while watching Star Wars. Gotta say, so far, Star Wars is "just okay". B said he wished he could have done more for me but the day was perfect. The best part is listening to B and KP talk to each other. I don't remember anything from yesterday but today and KP said "peeas" (please) for more cheerios, I hear B say "if you keep saying please like that, I'll be wrapped around your finger forever." Makes my heart melt.

What else has been going on?
B passed his licensing test and is officially a stock broker! Huzzah! I'm insanely excited that on his days off, he can actually not do anything whereas for the past 7 weeks he still went into work to study. I feel like I need to start wearing pearls and high heels when we go out or something now... but that just wont happen.

I've also changed up our menu plans, our bountiful baskets stuff will just be for side dishes, not the main dish as I was attempting.
This week:
Eggplant parm with Quinoa
Black beans and rice
tomato soup and grilled cheese
lentil soup with sourdough bread
pasta with veg and rotel (honestly just trying to get the rotel out of my house, never will I buy that much again).

and i friggin give up on the code for Manic Mommy Monday. Im not sure why my blogger hates it but I keep getting errors." target="_blank">Manic Mommy Monday!"/>>

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