Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make friends

I've never been good at making friends. Any friends i have, i sort of stumbled into. For some reason, they like and deal with my special brand of crazy.

In elementary school my friends were the other two kids bullied by well, everyone. Everyone pretty much hated us. We werent rich, didnt dress in name brands and didn't kiss ass. Hell, even my teachers hated me. Ahhhh the joys of a small private school.

Then i was home schooled as were my two friends, we added two more people to our circle. Woo! Strength in numbers. Or something like that.  People still hated us. At graduation everyone avoided us like the plague.

Freshman year in college was really the only time it was easy to make friends. I even met B then. I'm not sure HOW I managed to make friends then. That was eight friggin years ago and I'm still baffled.

Now we're eight hours from our closest friends.  How am i suppose to make friends? I have no idea how to get anywhere here, I see people at the park or here at our apartment complex and I'm at a complete loss as what to say to them. Even when they have kids around KP's age or they talk to me first.

Bumbling idiot? Eh... I think for now I'll just look at it as my friends in TN are just so amazing I need no one new in my life. Yep, let's stick with that.

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