Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toddlers are insane

Why do I think toddlers are insane? Here are a few of my reasons

1. They resist sleep. How can anyone not like sleep?! Id love to take a hour or so nap each day. I understand not wanting to miss anything but sweet, sweet sleep trumps just about any activity. Granted, this may just be my sleep deprived mind.

2. This may just be my kid but, she dislikes the Muppets. Even the mana-na song... complete with my ridiculous singing and dancing to accompany it. She walks ofd, ignores it or just says "no stop it" and waves her hand at me. At least i may know a way to embarrass her when shes a teen. Thats a plus right?

3. Everything tastes better off the floor. I set food on her table for her to eat as she pleases and she wont touch it. As a test i threw some cheerios on the floor and she immediately picked them up and ate them. Ive also caught her throwing her food on the floor and eating like a dog while sharing with our dog, C. At least she can share? Score for me?

4. Elmo. Im not sure why i introduced this red furred devil into our home but all day, everyday the main thing from her mouth is "elmooooo" and it becomes more panicked the longer she doesnt seem him. In an attempt to curb this i try to distract her with something else and it usually fails unless it envolves destroying the kitchen. Even when shes watching him, its not enough. He should be on the tv, phone, computer and in a book. At night time she calls to him to help her not go to sleep. B and i caved and bought a elmo toy and she refuses to play with it. Maybe because hes not annoyingly giggling? :: sigh::  maybe she loves him because i can.not.stand him?

<i>she only gets to watch an hour long ep of sesame street during the week and 30 minutes of morning cartoons. The latter is so i can pump myself full of caffeine so that i can function.<i>

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