Thursday, June 28, 2012

I really need to proofread texts

Shortly after we moved here, my handy dandy iphone 3G died and B and I managed to snag a deal for the new android razr. I loved the original razr so that the new one would be the same-ish, but at the same time be like the iphone.

I was wrong. My phone makes me feel old and dumb.

I keep forgetting that it doesn't autocorrect but instead gives a list of possible corrections. I also suck at the keypad. It's so tiny that I accidentally delete part of my messages on a daily basis! This is awful considering how many I send. Seriously, send/receive around 600 in 12-15 days normally.

Today, we had a toddler incident with one of B's hats that KP loved to wear and it had to be thrown away. The hat was a poker hat that said "Texas hold 'em BIG NUTS show 'em if ya got 'em" with a picture of a squirrel holding two acorns.

I sent B a text that said "Your big nuts hat had to be trashed"
A bit later I received a text from B, "That is a funny and sad text"
Confused, I re-checked my original message and had accidentaly sent "Your big nuts had to be trashed"

Sigh... His co-worker thought it was freaking hilarious, at least.

Message of the day? Check yo' messages!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the pits

This week in our Bountiful Basket we received cherries. Honestly, I think the only time I've ever been around a fresh cherry before was in a limeade from Sonic. Awful, I know. So after some quick googling and a question posed in a facebook group I set out to pit the cherries before freezing.
Sorry the pics are bad, I used my phone.

I set up in the living room since I had read it was a long process. I wasn't about to shell out $10 for a pitter since I wasn't sure I'd actually like cherries so I chose some trusty tweezers as my implement of choice.

First was sorting. The blue tray is the bad/overripe cherries and the green is what I have left. I didn't realize how quickly they could go bad. Booo hiss. I guess if we get anymore though, I'll know for next time.

Next came pitting them, um yeah, not a fan at all. By the time it was all said and done, I pretty much just tore into them and ripped the pit out with my nails. Not the prettiest end product, but whatever, just KP and I are going to eat them since B likes to act like hes allergic to fruit.

So now they're in the freezer. Once frozen they're going to be split into two bags for later use. The first bag is for popsicles for KP - red, white and blue (thought it was fitting for the season). Red is of course cherries, the white will be greek yogurt and the blue  is... can ya guess? blueberries, of course.
The second bag will be used for cherry vodka. Someone suggested cherry wine but that is just too far above my skill level. Cherry vodka seems right up my alley though - it's simple and delicious mixed with some Dr. Pepper. I'm considering this a splurge.

I'm pretty sure that i'm going to look like an alcoholic going into the liquor store though - 3 bottles of vodka. 1 for cherries, one for vanilla beans (homeade extract!), and one for B since he only wants "normal" things. Sigh.

Beauty without cruelty - review

So I joined SneekPeeq, a website with some pretty cool looking products and since I was a new member I recieved a $10 credit.  So I browsed around and found  Beauty Without Cruelty's nail polish. I never really buy beauty stuff since I try to go the more eco-friendly route and that's usually expensive. BUT since I had a credit, and sneekpeeq is discounted I was able to snag the rich plum color for free! Huzzah!

I was surprised when it showed up in this box:

I understand sneekpeeq wanting to be careful since its a glass bottle but I just found this funny. :)
On the BWC site they say their polish is colour intense, chip proof, quick dry, toulene, phthalate and formaldehyde free. The best part though? BWC's products are VEGAN. LOVE!

I immediately fell in love with the color. I did have to put 2 - 3 coats to get it to appear "thick" enough and not show my nails but it dries so quickly it didn't take long at all. It was perfect for painting nails quickly during KP's nap. She quickly noticed the color and kept picking at it but it didn't come off/chip, either. So I asked if she wanted her nails painted and she sat in her chair and let me paint them.

Look at those toes! Precious, right?

She's gotten to where at least once a week she wants her nails painted. With normal nail polish I would not be painting her nails at all but I feel better knowing this doesnt have some of the chemicals of other polishes.

After using it for a few weeks, Ive noticed this stuff stays on a LONG time. Even without putting a topcoat on. It's great for when I want to take some time for myself but only have the chance once every few weeks heh.

I will say its a tad pricy for my tastes and budget but it's definitely good if you feel like splurging!

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine. BWC and SneekPeeq did not solicit this review.

Monday, June 25, 2012


This weekend the second round of visits happened. I was glad to have friends from back home visiting, especially friends with a kiddo KP's age. We attempted Legoland but between the crowds, noise, people NOT watching their kids and KP faceplanting on the slide in the duplo area... we left.
We then made the trek to IKEA for our friends to pick up some stuff and KP had a breakdown so that made for a fun trip. :| I can't blame her though, she was tired, it was hot and overcrowded there. It feels like we spent all day in the car but in reality, we didn't do much.

My anxiety has been flaring up to the point where I've started doing my rituals again so that I can at least attempt to function, especially when dealing with crowds. Really, it doesn't even have to be a "crowd" just someone in my space. As much as I love my friends, by the time the weekend is over I'm ready for my personal space back. I've always been like this - even in highschool I would get grouchy and counted down until they got out of my space. Maybe its part of being an only kid?

I guess I'm just not a people person, plus it throws KP out of whack and then we're messed up for days. Today she was super tired from all the playing over the weekend but refused to nap. I tried laying her in bed and a few minutes later I heard grunting. I peeked around the corner to find her trying to Hulk her way out of the crib by trying to bend the rails. When that failed she began talking/pleading with them to let her out, complete with hand montions. Lastly, when that failed, she tried making out with the crib. No idea where she gets this, folks. No idea.

Whenever she wakes up we're going to be prepping food for the week and freezing extras. We made 3 loaves of banana bread this morning to freeze and still need to think of what to do with two pounds of cherries, on top of cooking potatoes, making pasta salad and smoothie packs.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well, the first round of visits is over. Monday around noon I got a text saying my friend and her husband were on their way. Great! I still had eight hours to clean I thought. At 5pm, I sent a text checking on their location. "One mile from you stuck in traffic". Wait, what?! Craaaaaaap. Needless to say, at that point it was more of throwing things in the general direction in which they belonged than cleaning.

It was great catching up and showing them and showing them the little bit of the Metroplex that I know of. It felt like non-stop moving until they left yesterday - so not used to that anymore! shopping, eating, more shopping, more eating, showing them the freakin' mansions in the area. KP was terrified of her husband at first but by the end of their visit they were BFF's. She wouldnt even hold my hand, she always went for them.
My friend was even sweet enough to take KP's two year pics for me and brought me the pics she took before our move. Amazingly enough, I may have found a pic of KP where she looks like me. I'm sure thats just me dreaming though.

While they were here I slacked on well, everything so now I'm attempting to catch up. I've been working on a blog post for about three weeks now on Maternity care in the US but can't seem to get it to where I would like it to be. I really want to get that up soon, but I think having company again starting tomorrow (!) will hamper that since I have to scrub the house down.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little things

Most people, it seems, think I'm crazy for being an advocate for breastfeeding and cloth diapering so it makes me insanely happy when someone asks questions about either. I was helping an aquantiance who is new to cloth diapers learn about cheaper options and she randomly asked about breastfeeding and freezing breastmilk. These are two things I never really thought she would be interested in but, there ya go, some people surprise you (and in a good way, to boot!).

She's getting the proper info she needs and I'm getting to help someone learn and help her family.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy little bees

So normally on the weekends, I try not to do much of anything. This weekend was different though since we have various friends and family visitng us soon, each for at least a weekend. One is coming next weekend, another the next, then for the 4th, and lastly late August. Seeing as how we still havent finished unpacking and all that stuff is in our room and we'll need that space for KP when they visit... we had to get to work.

Plus our patio is awful thanks to some homemade moonsand, flour paint and bubble solution.

That looks awful, right? I thought it would be easier to clean when dry but I was so very wrong. We had to venture out to Lowe's for a paint scraper and even with using that, I still need to attack it with some sandpaper.

We were also planning to get KP a classic red and white radio flyer for her birthday, but I found this one on a swap board and it looks almost brand-new! So we picked that up while we were out. I cleaned it up with some Shaklee and it's awesome!

Retail: $55
Used: $20

We also headed out to Kohl's since we had gotten some coupon mailers and wanted to see what deals we could find. KP always seems to need shoes so I found these:

Retail: 34.99
On sale: 14.99
Paid, thanks to coupon: $5.40

She also seems bored with her toys so I figured one that makes noise might be good.

Retail: $14.99
On sale: 13.49
Paid, thanks to coupon: $3.78

I love sales and coupons. I haven't really couponed since leaving Memphis. This area is just so big and I'm not accustomed to the different stores and coupon policies so I just kind of put it to the back burner. I think this weekends sales have started up the urge to coupon again.

You want to know a "bad" part of the weekend? The thing we had REALLY planned... you know, preparing for company? Didn't happen. Yep. Cause we're that awesome. Or something.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rested - #MMM

Today B let me take a two hour nap while he played with KP after her nap. Waking up feeling rested was a freakin' miracle and it was made so much better to hear happy squealing from KP. This past week I have been so run down, it's kind of pathetic. I love naps. I regret missing out on all of the naps I fought against when I was a kid.

I think one reason I'm so run down is that B is on a different schedule thanks to training. He's here to help out with KP so more gets done in a timely manner... usually. I'll be so happy when he's on one set schedule and we can all get accustomed to it. B was asked by a friend if he wants to help coach a youth baseball/softball group so I'm sure if he does decide to do that, It'll throw us off a bit. I'm kinda hoping he does agree to it for a two reasons: It'll get us ALL out of the house more - I'm going a bit stir crazy, and we'll meet people - I actually looked at him when he mentioned this and just said "I NEED FRIENDS." Granted, some friends and family are planning on visiting soon which I'm so happy about but I would like people actually residing in the same state to hang out with.

The only other things going on are that I was lucky enough to win a drawing to a cloth diaper store opening up in Memphis soon. Huzzah! I've been good and haven't bought any diapers since March so yes... feed the addiction, please.

I've also started planning KP's 2nd birthday despite it not being til the end of August. We'll probably have a picnic at the park and play on the splash pad. I've already ordered part of her present, a t-shirt that says "Nerdling", cause well, she is a nerdling. Im thinking of getting her a trike and making this for her room (found on Pinterest):
How cool is that?! We've never really decorated her room so I think this will be a good splash of color for her walls.

Well, now I'm off to watch Twilight. Neither myself or B are fans... it's more of a morbid curiosity as to "SERIOUSLY? They sparkle!? Really?"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lentils tacos?!

How have i been a veggie for 11 years and not known about lentil tacos?!
Budget Bytes and thought it sounded interesting. Then i saw it on Vegan Crunk and knew i had to try it. Two food bloggers in a week? Hm, maybe they're onto something. You know what? They soooo were.
They were so good.

Not the best pic, but you get the jist.

They were good enough that KP and I ate three meals of 'em and they're back on the menu this week. NOM. I didn't even follow the true recipe and kinda winged it since I didn't have enough lentils but it turned out great.
How can you beat something cheap, filling and delicious?! It's even better since this week in our Bountiful basket we got 2 huge avocados to go with them.
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