Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty without cruelty - review

So I joined SneekPeeq, a website with some pretty cool looking products and since I was a new member I recieved a $10 credit.  So I browsed around and found  Beauty Without Cruelty's nail polish. I never really buy beauty stuff since I try to go the more eco-friendly route and that's usually expensive. BUT since I had a credit, and sneekpeeq is discounted I was able to snag the rich plum color for free! Huzzah!

I was surprised when it showed up in this box:

I understand sneekpeeq wanting to be careful since its a glass bottle but I just found this funny. :)
On the BWC site they say their polish is colour intense, chip proof, quick dry, toulene, phthalate and formaldehyde free. The best part though? BWC's products are VEGAN. LOVE!

I immediately fell in love with the color. I did have to put 2 - 3 coats to get it to appear "thick" enough and not show my nails but it dries so quickly it didn't take long at all. It was perfect for painting nails quickly during KP's nap. She quickly noticed the color and kept picking at it but it didn't come off/chip, either. So I asked if she wanted her nails painted and she sat in her chair and let me paint them.

Look at those toes! Precious, right?

She's gotten to where at least once a week she wants her nails painted. With normal nail polish I would not be painting her nails at all but I feel better knowing this doesnt have some of the chemicals of other polishes.

After using it for a few weeks, Ive noticed this stuff stays on a LONG time. Even without putting a topcoat on. It's great for when I want to take some time for myself but only have the chance once every few weeks heh.

I will say its a tad pricy for my tastes and budget but it's definitely good if you feel like splurging!

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine. BWC and SneekPeeq did not solicit this review.

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