Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy little bees

So normally on the weekends, I try not to do much of anything. This weekend was different though since we have various friends and family visitng us soon, each for at least a weekend. One is coming next weekend, another the next, then for the 4th, and lastly late August. Seeing as how we still havent finished unpacking and all that stuff is in our room and we'll need that space for KP when they visit... we had to get to work.

Plus our patio is awful thanks to some homemade moonsand, flour paint and bubble solution.

That looks awful, right? I thought it would be easier to clean when dry but I was so very wrong. We had to venture out to Lowe's for a paint scraper and even with using that, I still need to attack it with some sandpaper.

We were also planning to get KP a classic red and white radio flyer for her birthday, but I found this one on a swap board and it looks almost brand-new! So we picked that up while we were out. I cleaned it up with some Shaklee and it's awesome!

Retail: $55
Used: $20

We also headed out to Kohl's since we had gotten some coupon mailers and wanted to see what deals we could find. KP always seems to need shoes so I found these:

Retail: 34.99
On sale: 14.99
Paid, thanks to coupon: $5.40

She also seems bored with her toys so I figured one that makes noise might be good.

Retail: $14.99
On sale: 13.49
Paid, thanks to coupon: $3.78

I love sales and coupons. I haven't really couponed since leaving Memphis. This area is just so big and I'm not accustomed to the different stores and coupon policies so I just kind of put it to the back burner. I think this weekends sales have started up the urge to coupon again.

You want to know a "bad" part of the weekend? The thing we had REALLY planned... you know, preparing for company? Didn't happen. Yep. Cause we're that awesome. Or something.

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