Monday, June 25, 2012


This weekend the second round of visits happened. I was glad to have friends from back home visiting, especially friends with a kiddo KP's age. We attempted Legoland but between the crowds, noise, people NOT watching their kids and KP faceplanting on the slide in the duplo area... we left.
We then made the trek to IKEA for our friends to pick up some stuff and KP had a breakdown so that made for a fun trip. :| I can't blame her though, she was tired, it was hot and overcrowded there. It feels like we spent all day in the car but in reality, we didn't do much.

My anxiety has been flaring up to the point where I've started doing my rituals again so that I can at least attempt to function, especially when dealing with crowds. Really, it doesn't even have to be a "crowd" just someone in my space. As much as I love my friends, by the time the weekend is over I'm ready for my personal space back. I've always been like this - even in highschool I would get grouchy and counted down until they got out of my space. Maybe its part of being an only kid?

I guess I'm just not a people person, plus it throws KP out of whack and then we're messed up for days. Today she was super tired from all the playing over the weekend but refused to nap. I tried laying her in bed and a few minutes later I heard grunting. I peeked around the corner to find her trying to Hulk her way out of the crib by trying to bend the rails. When that failed she began talking/pleading with them to let her out, complete with hand montions. Lastly, when that failed, she tried making out with the crib. No idea where she gets this, folks. No idea.

Whenever she wakes up we're going to be prepping food for the week and freezing extras. We made 3 loaves of banana bread this morning to freeze and still need to think of what to do with two pounds of cherries, on top of cooking potatoes, making pasta salad and smoothie packs.

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