Thursday, June 28, 2012

I really need to proofread texts

Shortly after we moved here, my handy dandy iphone 3G died and B and I managed to snag a deal for the new android razr. I loved the original razr so that the new one would be the same-ish, but at the same time be like the iphone.

I was wrong. My phone makes me feel old and dumb.

I keep forgetting that it doesn't autocorrect but instead gives a list of possible corrections. I also suck at the keypad. It's so tiny that I accidentally delete part of my messages on a daily basis! This is awful considering how many I send. Seriously, send/receive around 600 in 12-15 days normally.

Today, we had a toddler incident with one of B's hats that KP loved to wear and it had to be thrown away. The hat was a poker hat that said "Texas hold 'em BIG NUTS show 'em if ya got 'em" with a picture of a squirrel holding two acorns.

I sent B a text that said "Your big nuts hat had to be trashed"
A bit later I received a text from B, "That is a funny and sad text"
Confused, I re-checked my original message and had accidentaly sent "Your big nuts had to be trashed"

Sigh... His co-worker thought it was freaking hilarious, at least.

Message of the day? Check yo' messages!

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