Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the pits

This week in our Bountiful Basket we received cherries. Honestly, I think the only time I've ever been around a fresh cherry before was in a limeade from Sonic. Awful, I know. So after some quick googling and a question posed in a facebook group I set out to pit the cherries before freezing.
Sorry the pics are bad, I used my phone.

I set up in the living room since I had read it was a long process. I wasn't about to shell out $10 for a pitter since I wasn't sure I'd actually like cherries so I chose some trusty tweezers as my implement of choice.

First was sorting. The blue tray is the bad/overripe cherries and the green is what I have left. I didn't realize how quickly they could go bad. Booo hiss. I guess if we get anymore though, I'll know for next time.

Next came pitting them, um yeah, not a fan at all. By the time it was all said and done, I pretty much just tore into them and ripped the pit out with my nails. Not the prettiest end product, but whatever, just KP and I are going to eat them since B likes to act like hes allergic to fruit.

So now they're in the freezer. Once frozen they're going to be split into two bags for later use. The first bag is for popsicles for KP - red, white and blue (thought it was fitting for the season). Red is of course cherries, the white will be greek yogurt and the blue  is... can ya guess? blueberries, of course.
The second bag will be used for cherry vodka. Someone suggested cherry wine but that is just too far above my skill level. Cherry vodka seems right up my alley though - it's simple and delicious mixed with some Dr. Pepper. I'm considering this a splurge.

I'm pretty sure that i'm going to look like an alcoholic going into the liquor store though - 3 bottles of vodka. 1 for cherries, one for vanilla beans (homeade extract!), and one for B since he only wants "normal" things. Sigh.

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