Monday, June 4, 2012

Rested - #MMM

Today B let me take a two hour nap while he played with KP after her nap. Waking up feeling rested was a freakin' miracle and it was made so much better to hear happy squealing from KP. This past week I have been so run down, it's kind of pathetic. I love naps. I regret missing out on all of the naps I fought against when I was a kid.

I think one reason I'm so run down is that B is on a different schedule thanks to training. He's here to help out with KP so more gets done in a timely manner... usually. I'll be so happy when he's on one set schedule and we can all get accustomed to it. B was asked by a friend if he wants to help coach a youth baseball/softball group so I'm sure if he does decide to do that, It'll throw us off a bit. I'm kinda hoping he does agree to it for a two reasons: It'll get us ALL out of the house more - I'm going a bit stir crazy, and we'll meet people - I actually looked at him when he mentioned this and just said "I NEED FRIENDS." Granted, some friends and family are planning on visiting soon which I'm so happy about but I would like people actually residing in the same state to hang out with.

The only other things going on are that I was lucky enough to win a drawing to a cloth diaper store opening up in Memphis soon. Huzzah! I've been good and haven't bought any diapers since March so yes... feed the addiction, please.

I've also started planning KP's 2nd birthday despite it not being til the end of August. We'll probably have a picnic at the park and play on the splash pad. I've already ordered part of her present, a t-shirt that says "Nerdling", cause well, she is a nerdling. Im thinking of getting her a trike and making this for her room (found on Pinterest):
How cool is that?! We've never really decorated her room so I think this will be a good splash of color for her walls.

Well, now I'm off to watch Twilight. Neither myself or B are fans... it's more of a morbid curiosity as to "SERIOUSLY? They sparkle!? Really?"

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