Monday, July 23, 2012

Book worm

Honestly, this week has been what I'm sure some would call dull - housework, sleep, grocery shopping. I've been trying to get our vegan "rules" together but I've been distracted by books.

Since KP and I signed up for the summer reading program, I've become addicted to reading The Hunger Games series. During her naps and after shes down for the night, I'm up for hours reading. I haven't really read for pleasure since... before she was born. It's awful, I know. I've always loved reading but college and then work interfered with that. I could barely stay awake to eat dinner, no less read.

 I 'm so captivated by these books, I'm not going to know what to do when I finish Mockingjay. I need to admit, I know how it ends already thanks to my impatience and google. Knowing how it ends is making me want to read more - are they happy? What about the other main character? How did they decide who to choose? Ahhhh. And I can.not.wait. for the movies. Hunger games DVD in 3 weeks. Catching fire release date? November 2013. What the eff, y'all? What the eff. Sigh...

By the time I had turned in our one week reading logs I had read to KP for 310 minutes and I had read a total of 790 minutes. Among the prizes she got a bendable cow and giraffe, a free cookie and entry into a prize pack. I got a pen, some flashcards for KP and some crafting stuff and a free taco from a local chain. They also had tape in the prize drawer. At first I thought "thats a prize?" Now, I realize I actually need tape like that. The joys of adulthood, I suppose. If only I could take a bouncy ball from the kid prizes.


  1. Hello from another Manic mommy! Just to let you know, I loved the Hunger Games books! And since I got my Kindle after I graduated my MT program, I have been a voracious reader again. I love it!

  2. Im going to be so sad when its over. No idea what ill read next. I love the idea of e readers but, i love the feel and smell of books. Maybe one day ill try one. :)


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