Monday, July 16, 2012


I haven't really updated in a while thanks to being busy and by busy, I mean exhausted.

Our third visit happened and it was so much fun hanging out with her. KP freaked out at first but fell right back into the swing of things when my friend let her wear her shoes and fedora. The main thing she wanted to do was see fireworks at the lake so we did that, while KP ran around saying "All done!" Other than that, it was a pretty laid back weekend. B talked to her about colleges here (since she works in admin) and helped him get some ducks in a row. Since B had the week off for vacation he registered for classes. I'm really excited for him to be back in school!

 He also got a Texas license which meant we could finally get library cards (and not pay the fee for being out-of-towners). All three of us are now signed up for the summer reading program. They have NO book limit. Back home? 12. It drove me nuts and I HATED having to narrow down what I wanted. I'm so giddy over this. I'm a nerd and I love it.
KP, who while grocery shopping is normally very quiet and polite of course thinks the library is for running and screaming. This of course leads to one of us hauling her out when she wont listen and then trying to calm her down because she wants to run. I really hope that with time she'll get better.

The big change though? B has decided to go vegan, or as he wants to call it, "Plant based" since we don't want a ton of processed foods plus he doesn't like the term vegan. I've wanted to do this for years so I'm all for it. It's going to be a slow transition for all of us, I'm getting some books and will make some ground rules. He admitted if it's not in writing he'll be able to claim ignorance if he goes out and gets a non-vegan item so rules will help us stick with it. We're also trying to cut out cokes (erm, sodas?). I honestly think cheese and Dr. Pepper will be the worst things for me but I'm excited to start trying things out!

  Wish us luck!


  1. We arent vegan, but we are doing a paleo type diet. Grains were the hardest.

    1. I gotta admit, i dont know much about the paleo diet. I couldnt imagine giving up grains... more power to you!!


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