Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vegan stuffs

Ah poor neglected blog, im sorry. I started this post in July! Ugh.

Well, we're still vegetarian. Ive found reasonable sources for everything we need except plant milks.
The only plant milks I can find have an unnecessary additive that im not okay with.

So now im wondering if my google-fu is failing me on finding additive free, reasonably priced milk OR im going to need to learn how to make it myself.

I have no problem with taking the time to do it, its just that our kitchen is so tiny. Like cant fit two people comfortably tiny.

It feels like forever since i blogged so i cant remember if i mentioned that i found overstock daiya and gardein products for cheaaaaap! The gardein was gone in days thanks to the ravenous toddler.

Daiya on the other hand im hoarding in the freezer. I made grilled cheese with a bit and i cant believe how gooey it is! Kp scraped it off the bread and just ate thr cheese. B had the spicy havarti and really enjoyed it, too.

We also got our first vegan cookbook, Vegan Crunk. Ive read Bianca for years, and she was super nice about answering vegan questions for me via email. I seriously want to make everything in her book. Memories of my toddler years came flooding back when i saw her white trash pineapple salad.  Im going to be sitting down and going over the book thoroughly to see whats going on the menu this week.

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