Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The house

Its really sad to see the house where so many of your best memories are turned into rubble.

Its gone.


No one new will ever know of the great people (and some not so great) who stepped through that door.

Im sure people would think im talking about my childhood, but im not. Im talking about my husband's fraternity house.

  I met him there. I met most of my friends there. I lived there pretty much since it was close to the dorm.  The parties. The late night study sessions. The sitting around and talking on Sundays about everything imaginable. The charity. The friendship.

The house was never in good shape and with lessening numbers member wise i understand why they had to do it.

Its just still... heartbreaking. 

Im thankful ill always have tons of pictures of the house to remind me of the stories that happened there and im hopeful theyll build anew and grow greater.

Monday, August 6, 2012


So again, slacking on posts but this time it's because KP has been sick. Well, she has a infection that isn't slowing her down one bit thank goodness but it has slowed me down. Thanks to the infection I had to put her in sposies, no big deal. I DID have to bleach every single diaper she has. 3 days. It took 3 days to wash, bleach and dry it all and then I had to get caught up with everything else.
I'm thankful her infection hasn't been serious and I was paying attention to take her to the Dr.
The past week or so she's also been saying more sentences. It's crazy to me that my "baby" is talking so much. "No mommy, no!" or today after she found a pair of socks "hey socks, come on socks."

Being pre-occupied by a kid going stir-crazy since it's too hot to play outside and we can't put her in the pool (the only tolerable outside activity in this heat) since all her swim dipes are cloth and I don't want to bleach them too much thanks to the infection - we haven't done much of anything.

I finished Hunger Games and am desperately trying to find a new series to interest me but have failed so far. I DID start working out though. It's kicking my butt though, but I feel a lot better. I have to admit, I took the weekend off and drank wine and ate fudge. Because sometimes you just NEED that. Or at least I do.

We're also looking at houses again. We found a layout that I'm in love with, which has never happened before. I need for there to be outside space for KP to run around like a toddler should and I'm not sure if this house has it. It does have indoor space though - four bedrooms, large living room, and kitchen. I'm also unsure of leaving our cute little town... even though the new town is only about 11 miles away, if that. I'm too picky.

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