Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The house

Its really sad to see the house where so many of your best memories are turned into rubble.

Its gone.


No one new will ever know of the great people (and some not so great) who stepped through that door.

Im sure people would think im talking about my childhood, but im not. Im talking about my husband's fraternity house.

  I met him there. I met most of my friends there. I lived there pretty much since it was close to the dorm.  The parties. The late night study sessions. The sitting around and talking on Sundays about everything imaginable. The charity. The friendship.

The house was never in good shape and with lessening numbers member wise i understand why they had to do it.

Its just still... heartbreaking. 

Im thankful ill always have tons of pictures of the house to remind me of the stories that happened there and im hopeful theyll build anew and grow greater.

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