Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I'm a crappy mom

There was some snark on Life With Levi's Facebook page when people ignored the message of an anti-mommy war photo and well... turned it into drama.  Thanks to the snark, its led to Jen from LWL to start a "Why Im a crappy mom" link up and now over 100 women have listed what they do oh so wrong. Here's my list.

Why I'm a crappy mom:

  • I cloth diaper KP, though we've used sposies many a time
  • I nursed for 4 months exclusively, then added formula when needed and then thanks to being ill I stopped nursing completely at 7 months
  • For the first year we co-slept
  • Some nights, she slept in a bouncer just so I could have time to myself.
  • Ok, sometimes she still sleeps with us
  • I kiss her boo-boos
  • I hug her and tell her I love her every day. Many times a day, actually.
  • I vaccinate
  • Somedays we never change out of our PJ's
  • I think soy is good occasionally and she L-O-V-E-S it.
  • I let her watch tv - Sesame St, Mickey Mouse and Friends.
  • Until recently, she had a bottle at night.
  • She's rear-facing
  • I let her wear her uncle's hand-me-downs
  • I let her have "girl" toys and "boy" toys
  • I let her stand/walk around and eat.
  • I encourage her to dance, and be silly
  • She gets occasional oreos, sprite or sips of a slurpee.
  • At night, I think about the day and wonder what I can do better tomorrow because Im sure I've done something to screw her up.
I truly don't understand what causes mommy wars. As adults we should all understand that while we're passionate about our choices and why we believe they're right for our families, we should also be able to understand that they may not be right for another. Even in groups that claim not to judge, there are still mommy wars. After years of staring at my screen and watching these bitchfests go down and asking what is wrong with people I've learned to just step away if I cant respond calmly.

I encourage everyone when they feel the need to "educate" some misinformed, brainwashed person (seriously, I was called that) to do the following:

1. Open a word document, blogger, wordpress, notepad, whatever... you get the idea
2. Type out every angry feeling you have, seriously just let go and write
3. Read it and think about how you'd feel if someone said that to you.
4. Select all
5. Hit delete.

And that is my rage calming routine.

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